"Lighting The Stars": a peerless event for Lighting Professionals

Behind every concert and every TV show we see, behind every play of lights on the stage of a theater that leaves us admired, behind the effects of a skilful lighting of urban architecture or a space for the public, there is always a big deployment of sophisticated technologies. Not all shows, however, have the same ability to excite us, some are great and exciting, others are dull and monotonous.

What makes the difference is the lighting designer, the artist who uses light as a creative tool and plays with the rhythm of the music or the atmosphere of a theater piece. For the Lighting Designer, projectors are like the brushes for a painter and his art is to shape the light, adapting it to the needs of each show.

Patrick Woodroffe is one of the most famous Lighting Designer in the world since many years and shines with his art the most famous artists, the stars of the shows, on the stages of concerts, theaters and television studios.

In the conference “Lighting the Stars”, Patrick Woodroffe, who is also the author of the lighting design of the Olympic Games in London, not only will tell us about his more exciting experiences, but through an unprecedented hands-on practice, we will reveal some of the secrets of his art and his technique.

The conference, the first of its kind in Sweden, is organized by Interlite in cooperation with Clay Paky, the Italian manufacturer leader in the professional lighting industry.

Pio Nahum, Clay Paky Sales Manager stated: "illuminating the Star will not only be a master of the Conference of the show-biz but a story full of excitement and compelling anecdotes. We are proud that Patrick has accepted our invitation: over to be technically prepared, he is a very charismatic man and a great communicator who likes to share his experiences."

The event will take place on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 in Stockholm, beginning at 10 am, and will also include a working lunch. Participation is free but places are limited. To register and for more information on the conference program please visit:

The conference will see the participation of the most important sector’s media as well as delegates from the major television networks and the national press.
Do not miss this event, a unique opportunity for your professional development to learn about a man who has made the history of stage lighting.